Your Girlfriend's Guide to Paradise in the Keys ... Miami Bonus!

I'm just going to pick up right where we left off. If you're not sure what I'm referring to, head over to the first edition of this story here.

It was just 8 am and our bags were packed, room cleaned out, gas in the car, and waiting to check out. We were determined to get an early start and hopefully be in Miami by 12 pm.

We did just that! We arrived at our second location, the Kimpton Angler's South Beach Hotel. We checked-in to the villa room for the night and we were stunned! The space, ambiance, and decor was everything we needed and more! Check out my full room tour on my channel.

Didn't take us long to get settled and out the door to explore South Beach.

Our first stop was a fancy dinner date at Fiola (five stars!). We had an amazing experience from start to finish. For starters, we had Japanese uni topped with fresh caviar... man I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! This was bae's first time trying uni and my first time trying caviar and we both thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I then had the filet mignon with a side of roasted brussel sprouts while bae had the lobster ravioli, which was the only Michelin-starred dish on the menu... SO WORTH IT!!! I can't express how good this experience was. The service was truly impeccable, everyone was super attentive and we even had a chance to get ice made of 24k gold for our cocktails, like how cool! I definitely recommend Fiola and will be making another appearance when I'm back in the city! (see live videos of the experience on my insta!)

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Since we only had one night in Miami, we really wanted to see and experience as much as we could. So after dinner, it was a quick outfit change and out the door again.

Unfortunately, due to covid, everything on Ocean Drive and Collins avenue was pretty much closed by 12 am, so we took the party to our little pool area and got FUCKED UP! HAHA!

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Then comes our last day :(... luckily our flight wasn't until 7 pm so we had a ton of time to kill. We started the day with nothing else but shots shots shots!

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Had so much time to kill that we missed our flight later that night *facepalm*. I swear it wasn't our fault but alas, we were late and actually had to spend another night in Miami but I was not complaining aha!

Overall we had such a fantastic time in Miami and can't wait to be back!

Have you been to the MIA? What's your fave thing to do in South Beach?

Thanks for reading! xoxo

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