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Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Here we are again after another adventure!!

One of my resolutions this year was to do more traveling and thank God for blessing me with the opportunities/friends to be able to make it on 3 trips so far... eekk, I know! The most recent trip to NOLA is the topic of discussion today & I can't wait to dive in.

NOLA had so much to offer! From the food to the people to the architecture... It was hard not to fall in love. Enough with the go-around... NO LONG TALKING, LET’S GET INTO IT!

New Orleans, known as the ”Big Easy” city for it's forever jamming vibes throughout the streets, live Jazz music and of course, the TASTY cuisine was the perfect scene to celebrate my friend's birthday. I arrived on Friday night and was instantly greeted with shots of the dark stuff then it was off for a night of fun. This city is truly the city that never sleeps, stealing the NYC phrase. Bourbon St. is on and popping 24 hours a day so of course, that had to be our first stop!

In the hustle & bustle of the streets, we danced along to the tunes of the bars. Each bar featured different genres of music but you would mostly find your top billboards, EDM, and alternative. You'll also find hip-hop/rap and R&B, we had the most fun just exploring the bars and seeing what they had to offer.

One of the biggest attractions to Bourbon st. is, similar to Las Vegas, you can drink in the streets. They have a few popular drinks among tourists like the grenade and fishbowl (drink w/ caution haha!).

It's safe to say we had a BLAST on Bourbon st.

DAY 2:

Day two started with a little b-b-b-b-bottomless brunch at this cute, Instagram-able restaurant called Flamingo A-Go-Go. We had plans to go to another restaurant but quickly realized that was not going to happen after the night we previously had and discovered this gem.

As the name suggests, there were flamingos everywhere and the overall decor gave a very colorful modern pop art feel which I completely fell in love with (I'm just a sucker for anything colorful). The service was really great, after a minor hiccup with the drinks they were more than apologetic and really made us feel like valued customers. Did I mention the food? Ugh giiirrlllll! Now I know New Orleans is known for its tasty cuisine but DAMN I really didn't expect it to be that good! The food was absolutely amazing! We each ordered something different - shrimp & grits (cuz you can't go to the south & not have grits!), eye-opener burger, jerk chicken enchilada (as Jamaicans, we were all pleasurably surprised by how good this was) & the all-American burger & the bottomless was only $12!! Honestly would recommend anything on their menu!!

We were all VERY wasted after this! Check out clips of the trip on my Instagram.

So wasted that there was no way I could go out that night haha!!

So after taking the night to recover, it was time to get back into gear...

Commence DAY 3!

Day three was all about exploring the city and of course the photo ops!

We took the streetcar along canal street to Harrah's Casino which is walking distance to the shopping malls, Aquarium, Cathedral, showboat etc.

It was pretty easy and a fun ride. If you have any experiences taking a train on an MTA system then you'll have zero problems using the streetcar to get around. You do, however, need to have the exact change of $3 when riding the RTA and that will give you a 24hr-day pass.

We later came back to Bourbon st. for some eats and stopped by Mambo's!

It had been a pretty rainy day until getting to Mambo's. The staff was extremely friendly and gave us some excellent recommendations. We tried their infamous Mambo's oysters, it was also Perry's first time having oysters... yes his first time, can you believe it? For a guy that literally lives by the ocean but he LOVED it! (see video of his reaction on my insta)

They were really delicious! The oysters were smothered in a creamy, zesty garlic, cajun sauce and topped with parmesan & romano cheeses while chargrilled over an open flame... just thinking about it right now is making my tongue water a little. Once again, they did not disappoint with the main courses. We had the shrimp po'boy, cajun jambalaya pasta, and the blackened steak.

By the end of the night, we were back on Bourbon st. trying out new bars and exploring the culture of New Orleans. (see insta for clips of the night)


Day four was spent in the French Market which I have to say was my favorite place because it literally had everything! From the flea market to little boutique stores, street food pop-ups and of course some JAZZ, you could spend an entire vacay just at the French Market. It was the last day and most of the group had already left but I had such a great time walking through the city and just embracing the music and the people. We also got stranded here for like an hour after the rain decided to make a special appearance. We were so worried we would miss our flight but luckily were able to bust through the rain and make it back to our hotel just in time to head to the airport.

It was a short trip but one I'll never forget, with people I'll always love. This trip was focused on celebrating the life of a friend but my next trip to NOLA is gonna be all about the food! I definitely would love to explore more of what New Orleans has to offer.

What’s your fave thing about the “Big Easy” city?


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