I've made it super easy to wake up & be cute - from the bedroom to the boardroom?

In this blog post I'll share the ways you can dress up pajamas.

Written by: Melaninbanc ; Photos by: Ugo Ray 


From the high end brands like Dolce & Gabbana to Victoria's Secret PINK, you can find pajamas at every shopping level and what better way to repurpose your favorite pajama set than flipping it into a whole new outfit!

This trend has been spotted for the past few years but it was not until early last year that it became apart of mainstream fashion. It is often seen as a way of dressing casual but with the fabrics, patterns and styling, you can easily take this into an evening or business look.


There are a few different ways to style and look chic with sleepwear.


Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

With a full pajama set, accessorizing can make the biggest difference in looking chic vs. looking like you just rolled out of bed. In a full set, it's better if the pants were hemmed up to the ankle or more on the fitted side and paired with a cute pair of stilettos or booties. Also styled with the top tucked in and maybe adding a fashionable belt with a fun necklace or chocker detail.


Styling is everything!

If you wanted to just test it out and wear the top as I am, there are a lot more styling options that can take a simple silk pajama top to a classy, chic blouse. You can pair it with loose dress pants, as seen in the photo, or even a pair of jeans for a more casual feel or even a leather skirt. The contrast of the silky, flowy top will work well with the hardness of the leather skirt or jeans.


Mix and Match is A-OK!

The art of sleepwear is in the prints and often times those patterns are bold and colorful. So get excited because all prints and colors are welcome! You can mix and match and often times, it works. Tip: Stripes especially are winning!

Getting dressed in the mornings just got easier with this trend, haha!

- Thanks for reading! xxx


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