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This shoe was ACTUALLY made for walking: The Jungle Moc is back!

If comfort was a shoe it would be this... the Jungle Moc.

images by @at_thegreat

This post is in partnership with Zappos x Merrell.

If you're familiar with the brand, Merrell, then you already know the vibes but for the folks that are unaware, let me put y'all on.

Generally, Merrell is known for its dynamic quality and array of outdoor products. Bestseller, the Jungle Moc, is just one of the shoes they've developed for true all-day comfort. Both on and off the trail. It's a versatile, timeless piece that marries fashion and function. I've seen such a change in my sense of style. I'm no longer focused on JUST serving looks without the consideration of comfortability. At first, I got them thinking 'Oh I'll definitely be doing some hiking this fall so it's perfect!' but as I tried them out the cushioning of the compression-molded foot frame, and suede leather got me thinking 'I can wear this on an everyday basis!' This is especially true if you are someone that is constantly on your feet and struggle to find comfortable shoes that can last.

And of course, when it came down to the hike, it was such a breeze! I'm still a beginner in my hiking journey (as I've really only done it a handful of times) but it gets better and better with every trail and with the Jungle Moc on my feet, I was flying through those boulders! Well, not literally but you get what I mean.

My hiking experience before was great but the Jungle Moc has introduced me to a new level of outdoor wear. I used to find myself worrying about twisting my ankle if I move too fast, slipping on a rock because the grip on my shoes is absolutely tragic, all while considering my full outfit (thank you vanity) but these shoes have definitely solved these worries for me and I'm so hype about it!

Not to mention, Zappos made my purchase so EASY!

With fast + free shipping, and a 365-day return policy, how could you go wrong? Like really! I got my package in 2 days after placing my order and immediate follow-up messages of my experience, now that's what you call excellent customer service. So excited to conquer the trail!

Have you ever been hiking? What's your go-to pair of shoes for the cool outdoors?

Let me know all about it in the comments!


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Zappos x Merrell, but with respect to your trust and time, all opinions are 100% my own.