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The Vacay Prep Routine You Never Knew You Needed


Vacation prep can be just as exciting as the actual vacay. I always got a million and one things to do before vacay because let’s admit it, I’m pretty last minute with EVERYTHING! So this is just a little roundup of the many things I like to do before going away.

1. Build an itinerary

I generally like to build a rough itinerary when I've decided on the destination and time period I'm going to spend on vacation. I don’t necessarily do this for every trip but it helps when putting together outfits for the trip.

1A. With building an itinerary, we decide what type of trip it'll be (adventurous/outdoorsy/relaxing/shopping/nightlife-focused) which allows to fully make plans for instance get concert tickets, book car service, etc. A great site to sort everything out is and you can also share this itinerary with everyone on the trip.

2. Vacay Shopping

Of course if there's a vacation in the calendar, there has to be outfits to go with it right? So I usually try to get a few new pieces, if not all, depending on the length of the trip. A few of my fave sites to shop vacation pieces are:

3. Prep

Since I live in NY, vacation for me is usually to a warm destination which means my body has to be in tip-top shape! With the help of Brazils Waxing Center in Brooklyn, Tian permanent makeup, and Private Practice NYC, I am able to shamelessly sing - "nails done, hair done, EVERYTHING DID!". They take very good care of me over at the waxing center where I get my underarms, Brazilian and legs done. The full service lasts for about 2 hours and they only use soft wax which tends to be less pain as it adheres to the hair instead of the skin.

I visit Tian Permanent Makeup studio in Brooklyn for my eyebrows. Anna is amazing!! She gets the shape perfect every-time and is sensitive to my needs. The procedure is similar to getting a tattoo, yes it can be painful but numbing cream is used to lessen that pain and it really only goes on for about 30 mins. Afterwhich you wake up with perfectly shaped and filled-in brows that will last up to a year so I think it's totally worth it!

Lastly, if my hair isn't done, my entire mood can shift immensely so vacation hair is very important! I generally opt for a wig because it's easy and requires very minimal up-keep but sometimes I also like to wear my afro so a visit to the salon is always recommended before vacation. I would usually go the day/night before my flight, that way the hair is fresh and I can style it for the first few nights of the trip while also having the wig as an option.


Finally, my least fave part of traveling... packing! I've made it easy for you guys with this printable list that you can download and check off items you need as you pack.


I hope you found this post to be helpful and makes your vacation prep a lot easier. Let me know what you think in the comments below!