The Romantic Winter Getaway You See In The Movies

Alright, alright, alright ... if you follow me on Instagram (which you should), then you know that I celebrated my 26th birthday two weeks ago, where are my Capricorns at? Drop a heart if you're a cap! In case you missed out on all the fun, here are all the details of how I woke up in a different place, one year older and almost got eaten by bears in the Catskill mountains.

Normally, I'd travel to somewhere warm or just do a simple dinner party but dining outside in 40-degree weather was not the wave and with roni kicking everything fun out of commission, I had to be a little more creative this year. I remembered when my boyfriend and I first met, we would talk about taking trips upstate, going on hikes, and really enjoying that cabin life. So I ran with that idea, scouted a few places I've seen on Instagram but ultimately, really fell in love with the Antrim Streamside.

Fast forward to the day before my birthday (Jan 5th), bae went to pick up the car rental while I got our luggage ready to go. About 20 mins went by and Jay called saying they can't give him the car because his license is expired. SN: Jay's birthday is literally a week before mine so his license had JUST expired and because he's from Chicago the NYC DMV was unable to see him the same day. So that created a whole panic moment. After running back and forth, trying to find a solution, he was finally able to renew it online and receive the temporary pass. So onward we went!

We ended up getting there a little before 7pm, it was a little hard to find at first since it was pitch dark and so hard to see anything, but we found it! We managed to book The Pines accommodation and of course, we were super excited to get in and see everything. Honestly, we were instantly romanced by the place. Firstly, we pulled up to a gorgeously lit crossing bridge over a rushing stream and our little cottage just across from there. Everything was contactless, including check-in and check-out, so we entered our suite and no surprise, we were stunned!

Like what a quaint and cozy space!

Along with hand sanitizer, they also provided pretty much everything you'd find in your own home, including pots, utensils, dinnerware, etc. They even gave us complimentary greek yogurt, fresh fruits from a local farm, heavy cream from a local dairy farm and a Bluetooth speaker! I thought that was literally the sweetest! But they didn't stop there. They also provided us with the most lush robes, full-sized products, and booklets of amenities on the property and things to do nearby. I really have to say Diane (Owner) and Ela (General Manager) truly made us feel right at home during our entire stay and also gave us some great recommendations to explore.


Woke up the next morning in the most comfortable, plush bed, next to the love of my life... one year older and it felt amazing! We quickly got up and decided to go for a hike. On our way over to the ochard trail (on the property), we ran into Ela and had the chance to peak in on The River House, which is their biggest and coziest accommodation, I did do a video tour of the space which I'll share on my youtube channel later this week.

Anyway, we started on our hike super strong, making it up the mountain... until all of a sudden, we couldn't see any new trail markers. Of course, I started to panic a little. We walked around for about 15 minutes until we decided to just go downhill, at least then we'd be walking by the stream. The hike downhill is always so much scarier than uphill but we made it down with some deer droppings in sight. After a few steps alongside the stream, what did we see? A TRAIL MARKER! Before we knew it, we were back at the lodge where we ran into one of the workers and he told us that bears are hibernating in these mountains so who knows what would've happened if we had wandered too far?!

Later that day, we visited a few places that were suggested including the Callicoon Wine Merchant (unfortunately was closed), Catskill Brewery (it was great! They had outdoor seating with heaters which were actually warm), Do Good Spirits (was pretty cool, they have a donation-based tasting with covid-restricted rules, of course), Yiasou (they were super rude and we got the impression our money was not needed there) and our final destination ... The Arnold House (definitely our fave of the day! Great food and all around service).

Safe to say it was a manifique birthday!

The next morning, we checked out and headed back to reality. But not before saying a loving farewell to our humble abode, we will definitely be back in the future!

How did you celebrate your birthday with covid?

Thanks for reading! xoxo

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