Let’s Talk Menstruation #PeriodTalk

As women, we go through the monthly struggle of cramps, bloating, heavy flow ... among so many other symptoms we experience during our time of the month. It's never a fun moment but we deal because we are boss ass bitches!

Personally, I've struggled with having an irregular cycle (period comes whenever it wants to) so it's been difficult to even track it and on top of that, my flow is usually pretty heavy and it lasts for about a week... yes, I said a week! As you can see, my monthly struggle is on 100 when I need it to be like a 50 haha! Who can relate? I prefer not to use maxi pads or the super tampons because they tend to be overly uncomfortable, no matter the brand so my options are quite limited. But I did discover the Radiant Collection by Tampax and Always and it changed everything!

I grew up wearing Always pads so for a very long time, they were my go-to. When I saw that they had the flexfoam available, I had to give them a try. I've become such a tampon girl because I always hated the 'wet' feeling pads demonstrated so I didn't expect much when trying them out but the results were beyond me. I really fell in love with the comfort (mainly due to the flexfoam) and leak control it has. It did not give me that horrible 'wet' feeling. I definitely was not expecting to like it as much as I do, plus it has wings! I don't know about you guys but if I'm wearing a pad, it has to have wings. I've had experiences of waking up in the middle of the night to a gift on my sheets all because the pad shifted, that's not fun so girls take my advice and get them wings!

My first impression of the tampon was not as great as the pad for sure, which was surprising since that's what I would be wearing most of the time. There definitely was some leakage but after using it a few times, I'm going to say that my flow was just extra heavy that day. The applicator makes it really easy to use and with the resealable packaging you can clean-up in less than 3! I think my favorite element of the entire product is the packaging, it's so colorful and full of life. It's not something you can easily hide which I like!

It's natural to have a period so why be ashamed of it?

Now I always have a tampon and pad in my bag, ready to show them off!

Thanks for reading! xxx


** Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by P&G but all opinions are my own.

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