Jumping into Spring with this one...

photos by: @_basquiat

I know I'm not the only one just waiting for the weather to warm up. Yesterday was one of the warmest days so far. Thanks to global warming it was a whopping 60 degrees! I literally went outside with a thin trench coat and was surprised by how hot I was. The temperature is rising and I'm excited to wear less and go out more! (not so excited about the thought of global warming killing our planet but that's a whole other blog post)

Naturally, I put together this look for the warmer days to come.

This is the perfect outfit for a brunch moment or even an elegant date night. The dress (wearing a size UK 6) fits like a glove! I was a little concerned when I made the order because I wasn't sure if it was in UK or US sizing. Thank God it was in UK measurements because a size 6 would definitely not fit the same.

I am absolutely obsessed with the balloon, floral sleeves and it played beautifully with this mule pairing from Public Desire. The fit on the mules weren't perfect as my feet are narrow so the mouth was a little wide for me but the chain actually held it down! They are also pretty comfortable to walk in, even though I just walked around the location to get the shots haha!



White Mesh Floral Sleeve Dress

Pearl Bucket Bag

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