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Updated: Aug 31, 2019

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New York Fashion Week has been the epicenter of fashion for years and I've grown up wishing, hoping and dreaming that some day I'll make my appearance in that amazing world. Well, ladies and gentlemen... I did it!

I remember my first experience at NYFW, I was a wardrobe stylist assistant and still overly thrilled to say the least. I learned so much, made industry connections and now I'm able to actually attend events every season! So I'm here to share with you some tips on how to get invited to these awesome events, even if you don't have that big of a following.

Fashion Week is fast approaching and it's time to get your life in order!

1. Make Your Schedule ( 2 months prior)

The first step is to familiarize yourself with fashion week i.e. the dates, shows, schedules etc. and from there, you decide if you really want to make the trip (if you're out-of-state). To avoid high price flights and hotel rates, I recommend booking at least 2 months in advance. It doesn't quite matter that you don't have rsvps yet because let's be honest... they don't start to organize the lists until maybe 2-3 weeks before the shows. NYFW is very very hectic - you can expect to do a lot of running around, catching cabs, scrambling to get a bite to eat in between shows but it really is an experience of a lifetime! You can find the full schedule here.

2. Pitch PR Agencies + Designers

Fashion week is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest event of the season for a designer. With that being said, you can understand how busy they get and aren't able to focus on responding to emails.

You want to start reaching out to different PR agencies and designers about 2-3 weeks before the season. Click here to see the most current list of press contacts and NYFW schedule.

Now for the real important part... what to write to the press contacts to get you invited!

You always want to keep your message concise, to the point, and with a little personality. Of course, it has always been your dream to attend fashion week but girl, don't tell them that haha! Instead, point out why you make a good guest for that brand and how you can best benefit them. For instance, give them a quick insight into the demographics of your following, especially if it aligns well with the target market of the brand. Tell them how you can create awareness and exposure for the brand and the collection because ultimately, that's why they're showing at fashion week right?

**BONUS - include any press mentions or clips you may have in your belt**

By reaching out to press contacts, you’re actually being super helpful because PR girls spend tons of time researching and looking for high-quality bloggers and influencers so why not you boo?! The key to getting invited is being persistent. After sending out the emails, you should start to receive responses within a week. It can be longer because you know, they busy sis but it really doesn't hurt to send a follow-up message if you haven't heard back.

3. Finalize Your Schedule + Reach Out to Other Bloggers

About a week out from the festivities you should have received your invites, RSVP to all of them sis! And now it's time to get on top of your game! Staying organized around NYFW is hard especially with everything going on so I suggest getting a planner. I get invites to my email all the time and generally just add them to my iphone calendar but it also helps to have a physical planner so I can write little details about the brand or show.

There are a ton of events, shows and parties going on and more than likely you'll have multiple to attend per day, it's difficult to attend them all which is why it's great to get in contact with other bloggers and influencers in case someone gets too busy or exhausted, you might get the opportunity to attend the show in place of them. They'll also be able to share their knowledge, PR contacts etc.

Last season, I had the opportunity to bring along one of my fave followers to her first NYFW show, we had so much fun together! I am definitely hoping to do that again this season with a little giveaway so make sure to subscribe to stay in the loop!


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