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Mother's Day w/ Haven Spa

After not being able to see my mom for over a year, she finally decided to visit and it was the perfect time since Mother's Day was right around the corner! In anticipation of the upcoming trip, I started to brainstorm gift ideas she'll love. Unfortunately, she was only able to stay for a day so I made sure to pack that day with activities I knew she'd appreciate. Amongst those activities was a trip to the spa, Haven Spa!

Although we were running a late on our appointment, the receptionist was super sweet and accommodated us as soon as we arrived. Once we entered the spa, it's almost as if we were transported to galaxy. The tranquil ambiance and stress-free environment, tied in with the soothing appeal of the decor made the experience that much better.

We both got a swedish massage, body scrub and facial.

Started with the massage ($85), which lasted for about 45 mins and let me tell you, that was the BEST massage I've ever had! (I also don't get massages a lot but sooo worth it). Not only was the masseuse super professional but she made the experience fun and memorable.

We then moved on to the body scrub treatment ($65) which to this day has done my skin wonders! They use a softening and purifying treatment with algae, salt, and exotic butters that left me literally glowing! My skin was so smooth, so moisturized and it just felt... AMAZING! This was probably my favorite service of the day. I 100% recommend getting a scrub treatment at least once every two - three months. You can also do it at home with Frank Body (my fave) body scrub products.

Lastly to complete our spa day, we got the escape facials ($80) which is perfect for an instant glow since it doesn't involve any extractions. It had been such a relaxing day that I'm sure I fell asleep getting it done, haha! Definitely one of the best spa experience I've had so far and my mom, for certain, hadn't been that relaxed in years so it was definitely worth it. No doubt, I will be revisiting Haven Spa. 


What did you do for your mom on Mother's Day? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! xxx


*Services were compliments of Haven Spa, but as always my opinions are my own

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