Do you consider yourself a #BossBabe Creator? Then this summit was made for YOU!

I've never felt so #bossedup and empowered after days of learning. This past September I had the opportunity to attend my first BlogHer Creators Summit and it was so much more than I expected tbh. If you're not familiar, BlogHer is a community of amazing women parented by She Media. They host popping events and conferences surrounded by the pure aim to inspire, empower and celebrate women creators.

The summit was a 2-day affair but unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it for the full first day so I missed all the fun with Ms. Sex in the City herself, Sarah Jessica Parker! Yes, I know... I'm sad too but I was able to catch up later that day with Lo Bosworth (Founder of Love Wellness), Maya Howard, Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton (Founder of ChillHouse) and Sarah Lee (Co-Founder of Glow Recipe) at the Passion to Profit panel. They dropped ALL the gems honey! As the name suggests, they focused on how they took something they had an interest in and turned it into a money making machine.

- A few key takeaways -

Envision your future exactly how you want it, and walk right into it

Don't watch the clock or the successes of other people around you, focus on your dream and follow through

Believe in yourself and your abilities because no one else will


I then had a chance to see Keke Palmer!! She was absolutely stunning!! She talked about her experience growing up in the entertainment industry and how that has brought her to where she is now. She was also honored with the 'Voices of the Year' award. This award is given out every year to women in the industry whether creators, influencers, writers, activists, filmmakers etc. who have used their platforms to shine a light on issues that matter most to them and Keke was definitely deserving. She was as real as they come, so down to earth and open about her journey. Such an inspiration!

I ended day one with SKYN Condoms talking all about SEX baby! Honestly, probably one of the best panels I've attended. It was a pretty intimate panel so everyone was comfortable having those awkward conversations about sex and dating, of course the wine helped to loosen us up a bit haha! We shared experiences, opinions and much laughter all while empowering and embracing our sexual wellness as women.

Day 2 !

Sunglasses & Shoes - Lulus ; Jacket - Zara ; Jeans - William Rast ; Top - ShopAkira (ON SALE!)

Day two was all about creators, workshops galore! One of my favorites was the Next Level Digital Marketing with Constant Contact. They went in-depth about how people find you online, how to turn your website traffic into loyal subscribers, how email marketing can greatly impact your traffic and so much more. I learned so much from this workshop and honestly can't wait to apply them!

While all the workshops were going on, I had some time to explore the main floor that was filled with amazing brands just ready to tell me about what they had to offer.

I even partook in a cooking class in Ninja Foodi!

They introduced all of their latest appliances including the exclusive pressure cooker/air fryer, indoor grill, air fry oven and cold & hot blender, and gave us a shot of making a meal with how cool?! I had the best time just sipping on drinks (that we made) while making some really yummy food. Full recipes are available on their website and trust me, you won't be disappointed!

This was an experience of a lifetime! I had the chance to meet and chat with some truly inspiring women while gaining even more knowledge of the creator world. I'm excited and feeling rejuvenated to create content that I love!

Thank you BlogHer for fully empowering me!

Look out for next year's summit!


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