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Best Ways to Practice #SocialDistancing

What is #SocialDistancing?

According to the CDC, social distancing simply means to avoid coming into close contact with people outside of your home as well as public spaces where surfaces may be contaminated. But no matter how many times we hear this, it's still difficult to suddenly change our daily habits and somehow cope with the new normal. So this post is going to give you all the best ways to practice social distancing, without driving yourself insane :)

Shall we begin?

The thing that seems to be lacking in people's mind is the fact that social distancing does not only apply to work and school. It's an extreme concept that physically separates us as people and fully disrupts our normal ways of behavior and yes, it is really hard! I mean, it normally takes what? 21 consecutive days to develop new habits? So to be thrown into this situation, it is completely okay to feel all the anxiety, pressures and stress that comes with it. As humans, we thrive on connections so it's rather unnatural for us to be comfortable with isolation, especially for a long period of time. But one thing we should remember, is that social distancing is all about PHYSICAL separateness. The emotional/real life connections are still there!

Here are things you should be doing -


As mentioned, social distancing is all about the physical separation so yes! I encourage you to go outside for a walk, run, grab the essentials. You want to soak up as much vitamin D as possible since you're not outside as much as you'd usually be. It is totally okay to be outside, just be careful of how close you come into proximity of others and their secretions. The CDC recommends a distance of 6ft to stay clear of any droplets. And of course, please be outfitted in a mask and gloves as it is said that the virus can also survive on surfaces.


Less ordering out! I am guilty of this one myself but cooking is definitely what you should be doing in these hard times to minimize the spread. There are restaurants offering coupons, meals, deals and a whole lot but there are no official health guidelines for restaurants to follow during times like this. So it is always going to be a risk ordering food online but I know not everyone can afford to have a home-cooked meal.


Try to develop a new normal. Create a routine which you can execute on a daily basis without feeling bored or frustrated. For instance, my basic daily routine includes waking up in the morning, getting a cup of tea, doing some stretches and taking a shower before starting my day and that usually help to make me feel less anxious about what's going on. I know it's not much but trust me, it's the little things that really make the biggest difference.


here's a NYT article on how to properly wash your hands

I hope this helped you in some way!

Questions? Concerns? Comments? Or just want to share how you're feeling in this time? Hit me up below!


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