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Are You Really Woke?

I have been a lowkey lover of history since high school but growing up on a small island like Jamaica, the history taught in schools was not quite reflecting the reality and the bigger picture. Later I learned that this was not unique to my little island, but rather just a minute spectacle on a much MUCH larger scale than I would ever imagine.

When we watch the news, we often don't think about what's actually being fed to us through these media platforms and ultimately come to the conclusion that what's happening abroad has nothing to do with us and won't have much effect on us, myself included, but boy ain't that a lie? With every political steps taken within the major countries since the 20s has subsequently led to where we are today, not just as nations but as people...human beings.

Key Player in US History
Henry A. Wallace

Here are a few really interesting shows & documentaries on Netflix I totally recommend:

- Untold History of the United States

- The Great Hack

- The Family

- World War II (in color)

- Dirty Money

- The Confession Tapes

- Mindhunter

- Wild Wild Country

- The Last Czars

- Wormwood

- The Cuba Libre Story

- The Story of Us

... & more!

Through these documentaries and added research, history became a little clearer to me but what I was really appalled by is the continuous repetition of this history and their use of religion to divide people without any type of accountability or remorse. We're literally having the same conversations (maybe at a larger scale now) that's been in government since the 40s (even before), without much reform and I guess you could say that's because these events weren't being talked about authentically or represented in its true form. But at some point, you realize things don't add up and maybe it's time to look at the bigger picture at hand. You'll probably learn that a lot of the big corporations that you support might've been associated with the likes of some nasty people in history.

To this day, the world's economy and politicking have not truly progressed in their fundamentals and with every chance, we continue to dictate our lives through fear. Fear of vulnerability. Fear of loss. Fear of appearing weak... just constant fear from which we can't effectively grow. Mankind has toppled with this enormous sense of greed and entitlement for centuries, so much that I don't think we know anything else. Capitalism is the death of humanity.

But my question is... where is the morality? Where is that sense of values? Do you think these are things that exist in today's society? Let me know in the comments!


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